Blaenavon Local History Group

Blaenavon Local History Group meets once a month from September to April each year. Various speakers will give talks on all local history subjects.

Blaenavon Local History Group is an independent, constituted group that meets every Wednesday morning at the World Heritage Centre. The group started in about 2006 as an adult education class under the auspices of the WEA but moved to the World Heritage Centre in 2011 following the closure of the Blaenavon WEA. It exists as a social and research group and has published two books – Funeral to Festival and Farewell to Welfare. It also produced exhibitions at the World Heritage Centre prior to the library relocation, including an exhibition on Blaenavon shops and businesses. Its current activities include research on the Blaenavon diaspora and raising awareness, politically and in the media, on the plight of Blaenavon House.


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